Ferti-Vital is a biostimulant that increases the crop’s resistance to biotic and abiotic stress factors. Biotic stress: insects, fungi, bacteria, etc. Abiotic stress: heat, drought, cold, wet conditions, hail, wind, mechanical damage by machines. It activates the plant’s defence mechanism and increases its resilience to diseases, pests, drought and damage, etc. Ferti-Vital is therefore the only Ferti-Line product that is a leaf fertilizer with an immediate impact on the plant. It can of course be perfectly applied in combination with N-xt Leaf Fertilizers.

Recommendation: 2 l/ha

  • Can be mixed with N-xt Leaf Fertilizer


Its main properties

  • A biostimulant that consists of a mixture of trace elements

  • Activates the enzymes in plant and soil

  • Increases the resilience of various crops

  • Limits phytotoxin as a result of spraying the crop against diseases