N-xt - Ferti-Line

Ferti-Line improves plant’s “digestion”

This product group contains a number of liquid products that respond to the biology of the soil, which determines the health of the plant. They contribute to building “the home for the soil biology” and ensure that the soil and its structure are maintained.

The soil is the plant's stomach. A healthy digestion in this stomach requires more than just some minerals in the form of slurry and fertilizer. The soil biology plays a crucial role in this process. It is fed by exudates released by the roots and organic matter. Microbes (e.g. bacteria and fungi) break down organic matter, such as crop remains. This releases nutrients that are absorbed by the plant and also contribute to the soil's structure and resilience.

Microbes can only function properly if they are surrounded by the correct trace elements and also have the right “tools” available: enzymes. Coenzymes and cofactors play a central and crucial role in how enzymes respond. The microbes are like little puppets (see the image below) that cut food scraps into little bits with a pair of scissors. The scissors are the enzymes, and the hinge is formed by the coenzyme. Without this coenzyme (the hinge) the enzymes (the scissors) won’t work! The Ferti-Line products support and optimise this whole process. They provide both the correct microbes and the right tools (enzymes and coenzymes) necessary to allow the soil life to function optimally.
Visualisation of how N-xt Ferti-Line works



Vision of N-xt

Many years of experiencing the results of N-xt fertilizers have enabled N-xt Fertilizers to conclude that soil processes and conditions are crucial to the result to be achieved (better quality and higher yields). At the same time, N-xt Fertilizers has come to realise that working with soil biology can be very difficult, but that the unique properties of the N-xt products do make it possible to combine these additives. That is why this product line fits in perfectly with the vision of N-xt.


The Ferti-Line products can be divided into two groups: the microbes and the enzymes/coenzymes. Both improve the functioning of the soil life. These products therefore perfectly reflect the vision of N-xt Fertilizers: “healthy crops are nurtured by the soil”.
N-xt Fertilizers currently has five products in its portfolio, each of which has its own specific functioning and application mechanism.
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