Applying N-xt Leaf fertiliser

From growth to quality

The standard leaf fertiliser of N-xt Fertilizers is the N18 Ca Mg Mn. This stable formula remains neutral, which creates a high absorption capacity and the crop processes the minerals efficiently. With its effective nitrogen component N-xt Leaf fertiliser is also extremely suitable as a top dressing for many crops. For example one spray of 50 l/ha (maximum dose) provides around 10 kg net nitrogen in the plant that is absorbed effectively for growth. This is produced by the amide (nitrogen) form in combination with important trace elements.

In various crops it is possible to start with N-xt Leaf fertiliser when there is enough leaf mass. This is often at the start of the first disease control and our product is easy to mix with a range of fungicides and insecticides.

Standard recommended dose: 25-50 l/ha

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