N-xt Leaf fertilizers for corn

The wide-ranging application of N-xt Leaf fertilisers has proven its effect in corn cultivation.

For example, the standard fertiliser N18 with calcium, magnesium and manganese can be used in the early phase when a corn crop can struggle with the conditions before it really gets away. A dose of 15 to 25 litres per hectare can be extremely effective at that time.

 (see photo right)


Combine with leaf spot sprays

The past years have seen more spraying against leaf spot in corn. This application is extremely suitable for combination with N-xt Leaf fertiliser. It can be mixed properly and sprayed during the same run. Our recommendation is to add 30 to 40 litre per hectare N-xt Leaf*.

*) Add to the tank mix; ALWAYS add last!



Independent study 2013 (South of Netherlands)

In 2013 we had a study carried out on corn in order to determine the effect of spraying with N-xt Leaf fertiliser when we consider the cob yield. This important part of the corn plant determines the starch level and thus the larger part of the feed value of the corn silage.

The following graph compares the result of treating with 40 litre/ha N-xt Leaf with no treatment, and the differences are significant.



Prevent defects in corn with N-xt fertilisers

The soil fertilisers of N-xt Fertilizers have a proven track record in corn cultivation that stretches back a few years. A good start and early development are crucial. The right phosphate and nitrogen form for the seed are essential, even though soil balance and the right amount of the right quality liquid manure are basic prerequisites. With the combination of N-xt row fertilisation during sowing and N-xt Leaf fertiliser once or twice during the season, you prevent defects and growth stagnations that unfortunately are becoming more common.