N-xt Fertilizers on hayfields

The use of N-xt Fertilizers on hayfields is effective, easy and provides better yields in terms of more kilos of dry matter and a better protein quality. That produces less feed loss in practice. N-xt Fertilizers plays an important role in soil and fertilising for a dairy farm. Users are becoming more and more aware of the role of effective fertilisers and soil management in relation to the entire business cycle.

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When dairy farmers buy fertilisers they ask themselves the following questions:

  • What is my soil fertility?
  • Does my soil have a chemical balance?
  • Do I have enough soil life?

N-xt vs calcium-ammonium-nitrate (CAN)

  • The application is different
  • The growth of the crop is different
  • The fertiliser formula behaves like vegetable matter in the soil
  • N-xt produces a more balanced absorption, protein formation and therefore growth of the crop.
  • N-xt works with ammonium nitrogen. This means the crop has a slightly lighter colour; there is no nitrogen shortage. 
  • N-xt almost immediately improves the structure of the crop; the crop is stronger and contains less liquid.

This is demonstrated clearly by the following photos from the field (left N-xt - right CAN)