Ferti-Release consists of the Bacillus mucilaginosus bacterium. This bacteria occurs naturally in the Netherlands. The effect of this bacterium has been widely described in the international literature. This microbe secretes a strong organic acid and is therefore able to dissolve rock, including primary rock. Have you ever wondered how it can be that in the mountains you sometimes find trees that have taken root and are growing on, through and in a rock? This is one of the reasons. This strong acid makes available phosphate, potassium, calcium and a whole range of trace elements to the plant. The organism keeps soil pathogens at a distance by secreting natural antibiotics into the rhizosphere (root environment). Much has been written on the basis of international research about this organism as a biological control measure against soil diseases.

Ferti-Release depends on exudates from the plant roots for its survival. It is an organism that is slightly less sensitive to soil compaction, but this bacteria has also nearly disappeared from our agricultural soil due to, among other things, the use of fungicides and leaving the land fallow.

Recommendation: 0.5 l/ha
  • Can be mixed with N-xt soil fertilizer
  • Dosage of 0.25 l/ha when fertilizing in rows while sowing corn
  • Can be sprayed in combination with weed killer (NOT Roundup)
  • Max 3 bar spray pressure / avoid exposure to UV light



Its main properties:

  • Type: Bascillus mucilaginosus

  • Survives on exudates in the rhizosphere

  • Makes non-available nutrients available to the plant:

    • P, K, Ca, B, Zn and other trace elements

  • Survives on exudates in the rhizosphere

  • Produces auxin and antibiotics

  • No specific host plant


Ferti-Release in practice

In a number of studies and also in practice, Ferti-Release has demonstrated its added value in combination with the N-xt fertilizers on, for example, pastures. It has been found that the activated biology in the soil leads to an increased VEM (energy) and DVE (protein) value in comparison with not adding Ferti-Release.





Quality also visibly perceptible

The photo below shows fresh grass samples from Ferti-Release + N-xt fertilizer and KAS, which were refrigerated for three weeks. After this the plant juice was squeezed from the samples into a jug, which shows big differences in colour, smell and flavour; we wonder if your cows would also recognise the difference?!


Left: Ferti-Release + N-xt N24S   / Right: CAN