N-xt Leaf fertilizers in potatoes

With N-xt Leaf fertiliser a grower can manage his crop exactly in terms of tuber development and vitality. The stable nitrogen form means it can be absorbed easily by the leaf and it is used 100% for tuber development. Besides the amide nitrogen, N-xt Leaf fertiliser contains calcium in order to keep the leaf system in balance. It also contains magnesium that plays a crucial role in photosynthesis and manganese that contributes to the plant's resistance.

When do I start for potatoes?

The phase of the tuber setting is an important observation! As soon as all stolons have become a 'marble' you can start the first spray with (standard) 50 litre/ha N-xt Leaf fertiliser. From this phase onwards, the potato plant requires nitrogen to start filling its tubers.

Top dressing with CAN shows two major differences - first we do not always create the right release moment for the nitrogen and secondly, and more importantly, the nitrogen form is completely different. If we give the potato plant nitrate nitrogen, this is transported immediately to the parts above ground which means the plant starts to focus on leaf development. A plant must have enough storage capacity to buffer the excess nitrate.

With N-xt Leaf fertiliser, a grower is able to give nitrogen in the form that can be used immediately by the potato plant for developing its tubers. This creates even growth and bulking of tubers and an optimised leaf system.

After the first spray with 50 litre/ha (= 10 kg net N) you can control and add on a weekly basis with 25 litre/ha. Depending on the variety and the conditions, N-xt Leaf fertiliser can be used for longer or shorter periods of time.

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The photos below show the development of stolon formation. As soon as all tubers are the size of a marble (left), you can start the first spray.

The photo below is a stage TOO EARLY; don't spray yet!


The photo below IS the right stage to start!


After spraying and the growth period, you can often observe the evenness of the tubers already; below is a comparison where N-xt Leaf fertiliser was (left) and was not (right) sprayed. More tubers is the result of N-xt not causing abortions; nitrate causes a plant to focus on leaf growth and that is at the expense of tuber growth!