Soil Health

Many years of intensive fertilisation with the same fertiliser puts pressure on soil health, which reduces the yield and the quality of the products. This is coming through as hard evidence now the fertilisation standards are tightened up and the soil needs to keep its fertility intact under its own steam, for example by soil life breaking down organic matter. The agricultural sector is still insufficiently aware of this problem.
N-xt Fertilizers makes the soil healthy. With our unique concept we restore soil fertility and soil health, and that produces better cultivation results. 


The N-xt Fertilizers concept is unique. The fertilisers combine the nutrients into so-called complex compounds that include nitrogen, phosphate and trace elements. These compounds have the property of slowly releasing the nutrients contained in this compound. First they release phosphor, then nitrogen in the form of ammonium. Plants are able to absorb nutrients directly from the complex too and in that situation there is not enough time for N and P to be converted into nitrate or phosphate compounds. The added trace elements are also released slowly and controlled to ensure they are absorbed efficiently by the plant.


Soil type

The speed of the nutrients release depends on the soil type. The pH and the organic matter in the soil in particular determine the speed of the release. As manufacturer we can modify the fertiliser in the production process to make the compound weaker or stronger.