Remove stress from your crop with DELFAN PLUS

Delfan plus is a leaf fertiliser with a total of 9% organic nitrogen and amino acids from the acid hydrolysis of animal proteins. It helps to remove the stress from the crop with its balanced aminogram and its high level of free amino acids.

In stress situations the nitrogen cycle and the photosynthesis don't perform as well and this leads to a reduced protein synthesis, and ultimately an increased chance of loss of yield. The leaf application with Delfan plus adds the essential amino acids that are required for protein synthesis. Delfan Plus ensures that the protein metabolism and the growth and development of the plant are maintained. 

A dose of 1-1.5 l/ha Delfan plus is recommended in combination with herbicides, fungicides, insecticides. 
To support growth, for example drought stress, growers apply 2-3 L/ha Delfan plus 2-3 times. 





How do amino acids work

Through the absorption of nutrients by the plant, there is protein synthesis that produces proteins in the plant and that results in kilos of yield and quality. Nitrogen in particular is an important element in this process. In studies N-xt Fertilizers demonstrated that the form of nitrogen in N-xt fertilisers has a positive effect on the required protein structure. Click here for more information When a plant absorbs nitrate nitrogen, it needs to convert that into ammonium by means of the protein synthesis, amide into amino acids and then it produces protein.

See the image on the right:

Amino acids/protein structures exist in countless forms and every form has an essential function within the plant. This ranges from transport to and from a cell to communication and metabolic processes. This means that the quality and the performance of the plant are closely linked to this process. Every stress situation costs the plant energy and that is at the expense of the protein synthesis that requires energy!


Delfan Plus improves protein synthesis

Delfan Plus contains a high concentration of free amino acids that play a role in the stress metabolism of the plant (e.g. glutamine acid, proline, serine,..). This means spraying with Delfan Plus has a direct effect on protein synthesis. When weed killers are applied (herbicides) or when fungicides are used, a plant suffers a negative shock. This causes stress that blocks the growth process; the plant needs all its energy to get over this shock and that is at the expense of protein synthesis. 

If you apply Delfan Plus we guarantee that the crop still has the right amino acids, which means less energy is lost and the protein synthesis is increased. Applying Delfan Plus can be combined with herbicide and fungicide sprays to ensure amino acids are added at the right time in the protein-synthesis cycle. The energy saving is because the plant does not have to make these amino acids itself.

See the following chart




Delfan Plus in the field

Below are a number of photographs from the field that demonstrate the effect of including 1-2 litre Delfan Plus in a spray. Less stress gives the plant the option to use its energy for growth.

There are also many study results for corn, cabbage, wheat, potatoes, etc. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.