'Start your engines' with N-xt Fertilizers

The next generations of fertilizers

N-xt Fertilizers combines modern knowledge, technology and products with natural processes that have occurred in the soil since way back when. This enables us to make sustainable, long-term and optimum use of the quality and yield potential of agricultural land. 

When agricultural land is faced with falling yields or quality issues, you can add some more fertiliser or use even more crop-protection agents. Our choice is to get the soil back in order - to restore its structure, fertility and health. We do that by bringing the pH and organic matter back to the right level and to activate soil life. The result is soil with optimum performance that serves the productivity, health and quality of your crops. 

Fine-tuning soil

Our vision is focused on the intrinsic strength of the soil and high-grade fertilisers play an important role. Particularly when it comes to ‘fine-tuning’ the soil - supplementing essential minerals at the right time to:
  • Optimise the processes in the plant;
  • Activate soil life, or;
  • To increase the plants' resistance against disease. 
We generate a higher yield and good crop quality, but also a much more efficient use of minerals and in turn that reduces the impact on the environment.

Unique fertilisers

Our fertilisers are manufactured in accordance with unique technology, which means they mix naturally with all the soil processes. 
Field trials prove the benefits: 
  • Our fertilisers leach much less quickly;
  • They are absorbed better by the plant; and
  • They have a positive impact on the development of soil life.
If you have the courage to start thinking and working with the soil as your starting point, we would be pleased to help you towards more sustainable and effective soil management with our next generation of fertilisers. Please call or e-mail for a discussion without obligation. CLICK HERE