N-xt Calcium for potatoes

stoloon vorming, knolzetting

N-xt Calcium is a special fertiliser that has been used in potato cultivation for a number of years. This fertiliser consists of a stable ammonium nitrogen with a large amount of available calcium and boron. The formula has been developed especially to obtain a better quality of tubers.

In many places we see a clear reduction of scab. N-xt Calcium is easy to spray with the field spray (preferably with plastic heads) just before ridging up, but after planting. As this application only applies a small amount of nitrogen, this fertiliser can be used as part of basic fertilisation OR as top dressing.

The availability of calcium is particularly important when the stolons and the tubers are formed; see photo. At this stage it is important that the crop can absorb calcium. With the technology of N-xt Fertilizers calcium does not react with minerals in the soil, which means it remains available to the crop.

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N-xt Calcium for other crops

Experience with N-xt Calcium fertiliser has also been gained with seed onions and carrots. For onions you spray around the third and fourth leaf stage when additional nitrogen starts to play a role. With a dose of 250 litre/ha you also introduce 30 kg (ammonium) nitrogen that benefits the amount of available calcium and boron and in turn that benefits quality.
In carrot cultivation the experience is based on the same principle - spray N-xt Calcium in the three to four leaf stage (250 litre/ha). Trials are also studying whether a spray of 250 litre N-xt Calcium before ridging up rows can have an additional quality effect on carrots.