N-xt FertiPhos

FertiPhos in de rij gespoten tijdens het poten

Efficient phosphate fertilisation becomes increasingly important as legislation and regulations are becoming more stringent. N-xt has years of experience in dealing efficiently with phosphate with the N-xt Soil fertilisers. By applying the N-xt formulas with NP+ trace elements, many studies have demonstrated that the same, if not more can be achieved with less phosphate. N-xt Fertilizers is going one step further and has used its unique technology to develop a fertiliser formula that contains stable and available phosphate for the plant, but will work even more efficiently. N-xt FertiPhos, apply on/near the tuber during planting.

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The plant immediately receives available phosphate. The benefits:

  • Direct effect on root formation
  • Good stolon formation
  • Better tuber setting

The evidence

Field trials demonstrate that 25 kg phosphate with FertiPhos achieves the same yields as 50-60 kg in the row or 80-90 kg phosphate spread on the open field.


  • 80 litre/ha N-xt FertiPhos = 20 kg phosphate per hectare
  • 115 litre/ha N-xt FertiPhos = 30 kg phosphate per hectare
  • NB: Always add at least 1:1 water (more is better)

Seed potato and table-potato cultivation

We achieve this efficiency by separating the nitrogen from the phosphate (small percentage of nitrogen available). The nitrogen source is even more important in the development process of the potato plant. The form in which the nitrogen is offered is crucial to whether the potato plant will focus on leaf growth (nitrate) or tuber growth (ammonium). Therefore applying N-xt Calcium, just before ridging up, is an excellent combination that achieves the right amount of nitrogen for the potato plant. After the tuber has set, spray with N-xt Leaf fertiliser  to ensure the tubers continue to grow effectively. However, if the nitrogen requirement is much greater it can still be applied in a different form.

This strategy has been proven for seed potato and table-potato cultivation. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information about the field trials.


N-xt FertiPhos is easy to mix with water and other fungicides, such as Amistar and Subliem. The N-xt technology ensures the formula remains stable in a solution and does not precipitate. The pH and EC value (salt concentrations) have also been measured and with N-xt FertiPhos the pH goes up during mixing and the EC value goes down. That makes the product safe to apply during planting.

Always use this sequence when mixing CPA* and fertilisers:

1.     Fill the tank with 80% of the water

2.     Switch on the mixing/stirring mechanism (temperature may rise and molecules start to move)

3.     Dissolve all solid CPA products

4.     Dissolve all liquid CPA products

5.     Dissolve fertilisers

6.     Add the rest of the water

*) crop protection agents