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N-xt Fertilizers can be applied in several ways:
       • injection before sowing/planting; 
       • injection during sowing  planting; 
       • injection after sowing/planting;
       • spraying using a 7-hole nozzle;
                fine-seeded crops, cereals and grassland;
       •   spraying using a fine nozzle; foliar fertilizers
                for various crops.
All these methods have been tried in practice and proved technically feasible.
The liquid soil fertilizer is almost always injected into the soil in a concentrated form to make the most efficient possible use of the fertilizer’s stability and enable the crop to take up the right nutrients over a long period of time.
On top of these advantages, liquid fertilizers:
       • facilitate precision farming;
       • promote more efficient use of fertilizers;
       • can be applied precisely where they are needed.

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