Application methods in the field

There are different application methods for the fertilisers of N-xt Fertilizers:

  • Inject (before sowing/planting);
  • Inject (during sowing/planting);
  • Inject (after sowing/planting);
  • Spray (7-hole spray head; fine-seeded crops, grains and hayfield);
  • Spray (fine spray head; leaf fertilisers various crops).

All methods have been tried and tested in practice and are technically feasible.

The liquid soil fertiliser is injected into the soil in a concentrated form in nearly all applications. This is to benefit from the stability of the fertiliser in the most efficient possible way. It enables the crop to absorb the right nutrients for a long time.

Other benefits of liquid fertilisers:

  • Easier to practise precision agriculture;
  • Easier to deal efficiently with fertiliser;
  • Only fertilise where it is needed.

There are many mechanisation companies that are responding to the application needs for liquid fertilisers. Always remember the type of fertiliser you wish to dose, the amounts and at which speed (capacity). 

Below are a few photographs of applications in the field

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