Humifirst® liquid


Humifirst contains humic and fulvic acids that are extracted from Leonardite in an ideal ratio (12% / 3%). The ideal ratio ensures better absorption of the phosphor (release it from the fixated soil P) and a more efficient use of all nutrients during the growing season (better soil structure, more roots).

Humifirst has proven its effect for many crops - corn, seed potatoes, table potatoes, vegetables (cabbage, carrots, leek, spinach), fruit (pears, apples, strawberries)

Tradecorp has produced Humifirst liquid for a few years now. This product may be applied especially in combination with N-xt fertilisers.


Characteristics and properties

  • Improves germination and young plants take better
  • Improves root growth
  • Increases resistance against drought stress
  • Optimises the absorption of P and blocked trace elements from the soil.

Consequently Humifirst produces:

  • An early crop
  • Homogenous growth
  • Better resistance against stress
  • Improved quality and higher yield.

Humic and fulvic acids

HUMIFIRST is characterised by an excellent ratio between humic acids/fulvic acids. This composition is down to extracting humus components from Leonardite ore.    

This excellent ratio between humic acids and fulvic acids makes HUMIFIRST an ideal soil product. 

Soil improvement and phosphate availability

HUMIFIRST binds with the clay particles in the soil and strengthens the clay-humus complex. It produces a better soil structure, an increased CEC (cation exchange capacity) and better absorption of the nutrients from the soil.

HUMIFIRST generates better availability of phosphor and stimulates the root development of the plant. With a larger root system the plant is better able to absorb moisture and nutrients.